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Echo students

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry exists to courageously lead students in becoming life long followers of Jesus Christ by being love and hope in our city, schools, neighborhoods and families.

We envision a scripturally based, Christ-centered, missional ministry, in which students from all walks of life and ethnicities can come and receive fellowship, education, leadership, salvation, and learn to foster a spirit of servant-hood for and through Jesus Christ.


We desire to see every student in our ministry fully mature to be a man or woman of God, and we want to help parents impart to them a vision of becoming disciplemakers—as a lifestyle. The literal interpretation of the Great Commission is, “as you go,” make disciples. We want to see students so radiant for Christ that they can’t help but change their campuses. We believe that the best outreach is an overflow of our life with Christ.

Why Echo?

In simple terms, we want our lives to be an echo of God's character in our community. Our ministry encourages students to strive to imitate His character.


The Echo Student House
3006 County Road 145, Alvin TX 
Located across Heights' parking lot
near the big white building



9:00 AM - Life Groups 


6:00 - 8:00 PM - Echo Bible Study 

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