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Disability MINISTRY

Disability MINISTRY

We believe all children are a gift from God, loved by Him and cherished by their families! We also believe every family should have the opportunity to know the great love of God and experience the love and caring of the community of believers.


We also know that every child is unique! Some of our children have a variety of disabilities and need an individualized teaching approach with a more active, hands-on learning environment.


On Sunday mornings, we offer a sensory-friendly classroom and buddies for children who prefer to be with their same-age peers.

Our goal is to integrate students into our regular Sunday morning programs when it is appropriate for them, accompanied by one-on-one volunteer aides. The sensory-friendly classrooms are available to them when they need a break or adapted activities. There we offer alternative learning activities in a much more relaxed atmosphere while adapting the same Bible curriculum used throughout our children’s ministry classrooms. We have two sensory friendly classrooms for children with disabilities. They are both located in our preschool ministry area (for children typically 3-12 years old). We are excited to introduce our newest classroom designed for teens and young adults. In our R.I.S.E. (Reverse Inclusion Serves Everyone) Class, typical peers are invited to join the class to support spiritual growth and develop friendships. 

We look forward to serving you and your family and we’re praying that your experience here at Heights Baptist Church will be just what you’ve been looking for!

If you want to register your child in our disability ministry, please contact the Disability Ministry Director, Julie Hernandez, at We have a very basic form for you to download and fill out that will help us get to know your child even before we meet them. Then we’d love the opportunity to answer your questions and get suggestions from you. 

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