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“Power of Persistence: Breakthroughs in our Prayer Life”

by Michael Catt

“Prayer does it Make Any Difference?”

by Philip Yancey

“E.M. Bounds on Prayer”

by E.M. Bounds

"Prayer (Experience Awe and Intimacy with God)"

by Tim Keller


“With Christ in the School of Prayer” Andrew Murray


“Practice of the Presence of God”

by Brother Lawrence


"Spiritual Disciplines Handbook"

by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

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“Reason for God”

by Tim Keller



by Greg Stier

“Unchurched Next Door”

by Thom Rainer

“Sharing Jesus Without Fear”

by William Fay

“Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God”

by J.I. Packer


“Questioning Evangelism”

by Randy Newman

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Resources on

“Read the Bible for Life”

by George Guthrie


“Knowing God”
J.I. Packer

“Scripture Alone”
by R.C. Sproul


“Reading the Bible Supernaturally”
by John Piper


“Living by the Book”
by Howard Hendricks


“How to Study the Bible”
by The Navigators


"Engaging Christian Scriptures"
by Arterbury, Bellinger, Dodson

Resources on

“A Hunger for God”
by John Piper


“Fasting for Spiritual Break Through”

by Elmer Towns

“Power of Prayer and Fasting”

by Ronnie Floyd

“The Importance of Fasting”

by Tony Evans

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3 Circles for Evangelism

Life in 6 Words

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